Building the Future


I am writing this today so that I may share with you what a difference your staff and services have made in my life.

Two years ago I landed myself in a really bad situation after my life had been crumbled due to a bad relationship. My three boys and I were without a place to live or a vehicle to drive, and I was without employment. We had nowhere to go and my only option was the homeless shelter. My sister referred me to IHS. I walked into your Hutchinson office and was warmly greeted. After completing my application, Clint came out to meet me. As we sat in the conference room, he took the time to get to know me and learn about my situation. He was genuinely interested in my back story - how I had ended up in the terrible situation I was in and what my plans were to get out of it.

Long story short, he decided to take a chance on me and helped me get my life back on track. I had a few rough months as I was struggling to make ends meet and trying to find a job. Clint and I were always in communications about my ongoing status. He was understanding, yet firm. I ended up getting a great job and was able to get caught up on everything.

Your support and the IHS staff helped me build a better life for my kids and for that, I am forever grateful. At a time that I felt my lowest, IHS helped lift me up, gave me hope and two feet to stand on. Even though I may have been at my lowest, they never treated me as though I was anything but great. Your staff is absolutely phenomenal.

You are changing lives one family at a time!!

With the upmost gratitude,
Nen Goertz