Our Story

In 1989, Helen Rosenblad attended a housing meeting in Hutchinson, Kansas and saw that people who were unable to maintain their homes were falling through the cracks. She assembled people from churches throughout the community to work together and meet those needs.

For nearly 30 years, Interfaith has been lending a helping hand. We have crossed religious barriers and connected those with a need to those who have a desire and ability to fill that need. From a small group of faithful, ripples of change and transformation can be seen in the tangible changes and subtle difference in lives and homes across our communities. 

Our desire to serve the under served has not changed over the years, but the way we do has. Not only do we work to meet immediate housing and safety needs, but we also work with clients to move past current situations, toward stability and financial security.

Our Mission

Interfaith Housing & Community Services seeks to alleviate poverty and build community through housing assistance, financial education and individual empowerment.

Our Vision

We envision communities where people have the knowledge and tools to achieve financial self-sufficiency, and access to housing that is affordable to their level of income, accessible to their level of need; where they can live in safety with dignity.

Your support and the IHS staff helped me build a better life for my kids and for that, I am forever grateful. At a time that I felt my lowest, IHS helped lift me up, gave me hope and two feet to stand on.
— Nen Goertz, Client
After saving for a new roof I found myself the victim of dishonest roofing contractors when they tore off part of my roof, took my money and left. After resaving part of the funds for a new roof, IHS found out about my situation. Together with my savings, IHS leveraged volunteers and program support to help me get my roof replaced.
— Mattie Morris, Client