Accessibility Can Mean Independence


When Mary came to us, she was having issues with accessibility in her home. Living on her own in her mid-eighties, she was no longer able to step in and out of the bathtub in her modest home in Southwest Bricktown. Luckily, living just down the street from her daughter, she was able to go there to shower when she needed. Each time she wanted to get cleaned up, Mary would pack up her toiletries and walk through the neighborhood to her daughter's house and use her shower.

Imagine having to trek through the neighborhood every time you want to get clean.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we were able to install a walk-in bathtub to Mary's home. Now Mary can bath whenever she wants, without assistance and without leaving her house.

Last year, 8-% of repairs made by the John W. Scott Home Repair and Rehabilitation (HRR) Program were to re mediate health, safety or accessibility issues. 95% of HRR efforts were in targeted neighborhood revitalization areas such as Southwest Bricktown. 

The generosity of people like you has given Mary and many others the helping hand they need to maintain their independence and age in-place with dignity.