A Seed Planted


The Seachrists, a family of seven living in a small three-bedroom apartment, came to us under threat of eviction. The number of people in their rental unit exceeded what was allowed. They dreamed of providing a home of their own for their five children. Despite having a good income, they were struggling financially due to medical bills accrued during one child’s battle with cancer. They joined the C.A.S.H. Program and opened their KS IDA with the goal of finding a home for their family.

Last fall, we received a call from the Wells Fargo Foundation about the possible donation of a five bedroom home on East 7th Avenue here in Hutchinson. The house had been empty for nearly 10 years and had all the problems that go along with that, but we saw the potential blessing this home could be. The donation of a house this large is rare, so our staff instantly thought of this family.

Interfaith accepted the donation and we are working to bring the community together to help rehab this home into their dream home. The family is going through the IDA program to save up their down payment and working with our Homeownership Manager to build up their credit and prepare for the purchase. Until they are able to qualify for a mortgage themselves, Interfaith will carry it.

Would you or your organization consider "Adopting a Room" in this home to help keep costs low for the family? 

The Seachrists recently brought their oldest daughter to see the home. While it isn’t even livable yet, all they saw was home. She ran excitedly through the house, and got to pick her room. This home will not only transform the daily lives of the family, but it will alter the entire trajectory of the lives of those kids.

Each home that is repaired. Each life transformed. Every student that graduates with less debt. Every small business grown. Every family set on a new path, is a seed that will grow and bear fruit for our neighborhoods and our city.

For that we are so grateful. We couldn’t do it without you.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but the seed you plant.
— Robert Louis Stevenson