A Mission at Home


A Mission at Home is an initiative to encourage local churches and civic organizations who may already do annual mission trips to invest that time in Hutchinson — not only creating an influx of volunteer hours to address the needs of our community, but also to create better cooperation, understanding and civic pride.

With our Volunteer House, Interfaith Housing & Community Services has a location that can comfortably house large groups, allowing them to still have the bonding experience of going away together. Its location will allow many to literally see and experience Hutchinson from a new perspective.

Our Volunteer House is located just outside the Houston Whiteside District and is maintained with the primary purpose of housing volunteer groups who are there to support the mission of Interfaith with their time and labor. It was renovated in 2011 with volunteer labor from the Conservative Anabaptist Service Program and funds from our supporters. The house comfortably sleeps 20 volunteers, has four bathrooms, five showers, and laundry amenities. There is a large kitchen as well as a dining table that seats 12. You will find a comfortable living room with places to talk and connect — what you won’t find is a television or Wifi.

This initiative not only connects the participants to each other, but to the clients we are able to help and to the physical places and neighborhoods of Hutchinson. It will encourage dialog and cooperation across socioeconomic lines and ties to physical locations in neighborhoods other than one’s own. When possible, we would be interested in coordinating with other non-profits to utilize the volunteer time as well, encouraging further cooperation between organizations and a larger impact.

The large influx of volunteer hours could make a tangible difference to the projects, programs, neighborhoods and organizations that benefit from them. In addition, the bonds formed between people, and the investment in our community will help to further root participants in Hutchinson and grow their civic pride.

Support for A Mission at Home was provided by a Make it Greater Grant from the Fund for Hutchinson of the Hutchinson Community Foundation.

If your group is interested in participating in A Mission at Home, please call Lacie Janzen at 620-662-8370, ext. 717 or email laciej@interfaithks.org for more information.