Weathering the Storm with a Helping Hand


I love a thunderous prairie storm. The smell of rain and the freshness in the air as the world is washed clean. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that those simple joys are huge trials for some.

For years, Judith taped plastic bags to her ceiling to catch the leaks coming into her home. A two time cancer survivor, for her rain meant stress, hard work, and a constant reminder of the deterioration of her home. Everyone should be able to enjoy the rain.

One Saturday in September, Judith got a new roof. Two days later it stormed and thanks to our donors, faithful volunteers from Partridge Mennonite Church, and Commerce Bank β€” she and her little dog could relax enjoy the rain.

Now this holiday season, Judith can dream of a White Christmas and know that she will be able to spend it secure and dry in her own home.

Your gift helps people like Judith, right here in our community, when they need a little help to weather the storm.